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Helping our military veterans find their dream home in Maryland

● No down payment ● No mortgage insurance ● Lower interest rates While being in the military makes you eligible to get a loan, there are still things you need to do and step you need to take to make sure you can get the best mortgage rate. Even in the military, you are not guaranteed the best rates. Let’s get started… ...

How YOUR Loan Application Impacts Mortgage RATES for a Home Loan

This is PART 2 of "How to Shop for the Best Mortgage Interest Rates Like a PRO" STOP - if you haven't seen PART 1, go to the YouTube channel and start there. Once you've found a set of good lenders, the next is to start rate shopping. The first part of rate shopping is to understand how YOUR loan application impacts mortgage interest rates. In this video, I'll teach you step-by-step on what categories impact YOUR mortgage interest rate. ...
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